Biomedical Technology & Life Science Companies

SCG assists companies at all stages of development by assessing existing patient management patterns, performing economic analyses, and highlighting reimbursement dynamics to provide strategic clarity for emerging technologies. In direct cooperation with your team, SCG provides:

Market Intelligence
  • Analysis of healthcare sector opportunities, concepts, and competitors to guide product development
  • Collaboration with payers and key opinion leaders to assess current treatment standards and to determine clinical and commercialization potential
  • Investigation of claims data to understand existing treatment charges, reimbursements, and margins by disease and intervention
  • Review of public and private payer policies to determine effects on patient management and potential impact on new development efforts
Valuation and Diligence
  • Evaluation of new and existing commercial products and technologies to support companies and their investors in due diligence, valuation and transactions
Market Access and Strategic Planning
  • Identification of key advantages and differentiators at all stages of product development to promote market access and long-term commercial success
  • Perspective on payer requirements to drive robust clinical adoption by health professionals and medical facilities
  • Consideration of alternative reimbursement pathways
  • Resources and communication strategies to convey the importance of novel technologies and treatments for all stakeholders
Health Economics
  • Economic analyses to inform payers regarding the budgetary impact and value proposition of health innovations and to drive reimbursement determinations
  • Design and modification of clinical studies to capture cost benefit and cost effectiveness data and to define requirements for utilization, billing and patient reported outcomes
  • Collaboration with study investigators and key opinion leaders to analyze data and craft a consistent product message, including abstracts and manuscripts for subsequent peer review
Coding, Coverage and Pricing
  • Identification of US and International payer and agency requirements to optimize coding and coverage for pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic technologies
  • Analysis of historic trends in pricing and consideration of appropriate pricing thresholds for new technologies and medical interventions
  • Interface with third party payers to secure appropriate coding, coverage and payment that increase patient access and market penetration
  • Support for pricing platforms in pro forma and pharmacoeconomic models intended for diverse audiences