Our Services

Sentinel Consulting Group (SCG) is committed to providing critical perspective on market and reimbursement dynamics for companies throughout their life cycle, emphasizing a multidisciplinary approach to maximize strategic focus, financial return, and to facilitate broad patient access to innovative medicines, devices and diagnostic tools. SCG also works with providers, medical facilities and healthcare organizations to navigate the complexities of reimbursement and operational management.

Our philosophy promotes a strategic and proactive approach to capitalize on opportunities and overcome challenges. SCG is dedicated to professionalism, responsiveness and the advancement of our clients.

The SCG Difference: Strategic Focus

A comprehensive understanding of the rigors of actual clinical practice and healthcare delivery is vital to steer the development of emerging technologies and to assist clinicians and health organizations towards more rewarding professional service. Successful commercialization of new products critically hinges on global alignment of incentives for patients, providers and payers.

Sentinel Consulting Group’s Principal is a seasoned, multidisciplinary healthcare executive with unique insight and perspective across the healthcare industry. SCG creates a true synthesis between complex clinical, regulatory, reimbursement and corporate demands, resulting in a clear strategic path for commercial success over the long haul.

Biomedical Technology & Life Science Companies

Providers & Healthcare Organizations