About Us

Sentinel Consulting Group, LLC

Sentinel Consulting Group (SCG) provides health economics and reimbursement planning for pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic development companies. SCG also provides services and guidance for healthcare organizations, clinicians and medical facilities. The Principal and Founder is a physician executive with over 12 years experience in medical finance, clinical practice management, business development and applied biomedical research. SCG emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to maximize strategic focus, financial return, and to facilitate broad patient access to innovative medicines, devices and diagnostic tools.

SCG is committed to providing critical perspective on market and reimbursement dynamics for companies throughout their life cycle by:

  • Evaluating new and existing commercial products and technologies to support companies and their investors in due diligence and valuation
  • Utilizing broad skills and experience to advise clients on successful market and commercialization strategies to satisfy payer requirements and drive robust clinical adoption by health professionals and medical facilities
  • Identifying US/OUS payer and agency requirements to optimize coding, coverage and pricing determinations for reimbursement of pharmaceutical, device and diagnostic technologies at all stages of development
  • Performing economic analyses to inform stakeholders on the cost effectiveness and budgetary ramifications of health innovations
  • Supporting private and hospital-based clinicians and administrators in the areas of operations, population health management, financial management, and compliance to maximize practice productivity and profitability